Our mission is simple, for you to succeed

Our mission is simple, for you to succeed

We are an international web & software workforce, dedicated to your business success. We use the latest techniques and technologies to create tailor-made products that promote your business; and hire a personalized staff according to your company’s needs. All of which creates a goal oriented, success driven, marketing solution to get the job done!

  • We deliver top marketing and software products.
  • Full customization to fit your needs.
  • We always return e-mails and calls within one business day.

About Our Company

About Our Company


We are only limited by our imaginations. Designing and creating new approaches to old problems. Helping you evolve your business into the one you’ve always dreamed it to be. We then take those dreams and put them into action, making them a reality.


Adzz is created from a diverse workforce of top professionals coming from an array of fields. This includes marketers, webmasters, doctors, lawyers, consultants, strategists, and more. Our unique experience means that we can bring you unique products and solutions from around the world. Taking that experience and honing it to your specific needs, creating a world of opportunity.


Every business is different, and understanding your vision is important to us. That is why we work together to brainstorm and make an impact in the area that you need most; with as much or as little involvement as you decide.


We use our uniqueness, and great customer service to help you grow your business. There are many mediums at our disposal depending on your needs. We use the latest technologies to promote your business online; but we go beyond that as well using all connections and B2B resources available to help you connect to your clients.

Our History

Adzz international began in 2007 working in lead generation, public relations, and brand management. Then we began focussing in the medical field helping hospitals and medical practices have a digital presence and grow into game changing facilities. This experience helped us realize that you can not focus on one area without seeing the big picture

This brought us into the finance industry, and the construction industry. As medical tourism grew, we began developing marketing strategies in the travel industry. This added to Adzz international uniqueness. The ability to assist and understand many fields and how they interconnect; being able to flow from one to the other, and build business partnerships around the world to assist our clients needs. 

Today we have evolved into an international leader in all things business. We have developed ourselves and our personalized team to creatively build marketing strategies that go above and beyond the normal parameters. Whether you are a small private practice just getting started, a contractor looking for new projects, or a casino that needs a boost, we have an experienced staff in your field that can help put you on the right track for success.

Our Future Plan

Our plan is the same as yours, to grow and make our clients successful. We are always looking to learn, connect, and grow, and to expand into new frontiers. We have most recently taken on staff that have many years experience in factory productions, and the luxury hospitality industries. These are just some of the ways that we are going to expand and to assist our clients growth.

Our company has a niche product in the medical tourism field. We needed a custom-made platform that would allow us to manage our sales leads and clientele information in an all-in-one go-to place.The Adzz team understood our specific needs and created the perfect platform for us allowing us to analyze and research data and store vital information.

Before we chose Adzz’s Digital Marketing Suite we researched a myriad of CRM marketing systems. In the end, we chose this platform because of its ease of use, and the all-in-one functionality that lets us manage all our marketing and sales processes and data in one place. The system is sophisticated and yet easy enough for our staff to use and reach amazing results with.

As a small, new company in the health field, we knew we needed a website to promote our services, yet we had little programming knowledge and our budget was low. Using The Adzz Self Grow web platform allowed us to create a beautiful high functioning website with strong SEO capabilities. As our client base grew and our company expanded the platform easily adapted to our growing needs and we could spend our time working with more and more clients.  


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