Digital Marketing Suite™

All-In-One Marketing Platform

Create, manage and analyze websites and application. The platform is Anall-in one solution for building and maintaining a well preforming applications.Our digital marketing platform is an all in one solution with an easy set-upand a pay-as used makes it a great choice for both website owners and digital marketing agencies.

Take advantage of our great modules:

Module 1: SEO Campaign Manager

Multiple SEO campaigns and projects management tool for efficient implementation of any SEO strategies such as:

Content EnrichmentLink BuildingSocial Media

Module 2: Keywords Research Tool

Generate all data (keywords ideas, traffic,CPC) needed for campaign and content planning

Module 3: SERP Trackingl

Accurate monitoring of the site’s organic keyword ranking on search engines, Customized notification based reports and goal based prioritization

Module 4: Outreach

Easy management of link orders and tracking of multiple link building campaigns.

Multiple Topics Link Status Monitoring

Module 4: Content Management

Easy management of content orders and content writers through the content management website (, content upload and duplication check. The payment will be calculated on monthly basis according to customer usage of modules.

Online Acquisition, Optimization & Retention Platform for businesses of all sizes.

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