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Adzz Digital Marketing Suite™

Create, manage and analyze websites and application. The platform is An all-in one solution for building and maintaining a well preforming applications. Our digital marketing platform is an all in one solution with an easy set-up and a pay-as used makes it a great choice for both website owners and digital marketing agencies.

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Adzz SelfGrow™

Get access to a proven powerful web platform! Create SEO-friendly, self-growing, cost efficient websites without any programming knowledge.

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Adzz CallMetric™

Records user’s clicks within the site and provide the data needed in understanding userbehavior, effectiveness andproductivity of market research and software testing.

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Adzz XRM™

Development of customized platforms/software such as CRM management for sales, leads,customers and service providers’ per specific requirements and needs.

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Online Acquisition, Optimization & Retention Platform for businesses of all sizes.

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Industry Leaders

Our Diverse clients work internationally in hundreds of industries. Below are some of our leading industries by volume.

  • We specialize in all forms of medical marketing, from private practices, to medical groups around the world.
  • We Market all things gaming, including lotteries, new gaming systems and game apps. Developing the best techniques for product placement.
  • We build your business so that you can build others. By creating marketing strategies specifically designed to meet your companies needs.
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Our mission is simple, for you to succeed

We are an international web & software workforce, dedicated to your business success. We use the latest techniques and technologies to create tailor-made products that promote your business; and hire a personalized staff according to your company’s needs. All of which creates a goal oriented, success driven, marketing solution to get the job done!

  • We deliver top marketing and software products.
  • Full customization to fit your needs.
  • We always return e-mails and calls within one business day.

Our company has a niche product in the medical tourism field. We needed a custom-made platform that would allow us to manage our sales leads and clientele information in an all-in-one go-to place.The Adzz team understood our specific needs and created the perfect platform for us allowing us to analyze and research data and store vital information.

Before we chose Adzz’s Digital Marketing Suite we researched a myriad of CRM marketing systems. In the end, we chose this platform because of its ease of use, and the all-in-one functionality that lets us manage all our marketing and sales processes and data in one place. The system is sophisticated and yet easy enough for our staff to use and reach amazing results with.

As a small, new company in the health field, we knew we needed a website to promote our services, yet we had little programming knowledge and our budget was low. Using The Adzz Self Grow web platform allowed us to create a beautiful high functioning website with strong SEO capabilities. As our client base grew and our company expanded the platform easily adapted to our growing needs and we could spend our time working with more and more clients.  


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